Double VIP Points at Lego stores and online

Double VIP Points at Lego stores and online

Found 25th Mar 2013
Lego are running another double VIP points promotion for the next couple of weeks. 100 points gets you £5 off your next purchase (you earn 1 point per pound spent).

I appreciate this will not appeal to all as this only applys to purchases direct from Lego. Most lego can be found elsewhere, such as amazon, argos and the superamrkets for much less than the RRP they sell for in the Lego stores. However, there are those of us who do like to collect Lego and some sets can only be bought direct from them, so if you fall in to this criteria this deal is great for you as you will earn points twice as fast.

This offer also doubles up with a couple of the other deals they have going on at the moment. If you spemd £50 on Star Wars Lego, you'll get a free mini Republic Frigate set. Or, if you spend £25 on Duplo you get a free "Find a Pair" card game.

I think I am going to treat myself to the new Palace Theatre Modular Set , whcih should then bump my points up to £15, which I can then put towards the Town Hall!!

If you are a Lego fan, what will you be getting?
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Want to get myself a B-Wing, but not actually in the VIP club, I normally get my lego from other stores as its cheaper. can I join there and then in store?
Yes, think you can join instore.

You can sing up for VIP when you place your first online order and the points will then apply to your account as and when it sets up. You won't be able to use the points against your first purchase.

I set my account up online and it took ages to get my membership card through. If you have a store near you, it might be better to get them to set you up as they actively push the VIP club at the tills.

The b-wing is one of those exclusives that you wont be able to get elsewhere for a cheaper price (probably). I use the Brickset amazon price check tool to help find the cheapest price across the European amazon sites (the savings are usually greater than the delivery charges). Here's a link to the list, which can be sorted just to the themes you are interested in:

You'll see the b-wing isn't available for a better price (or at all) from many of the other amazon sites. With the VIP points you'll get £15 off your next purchase (as long as you buy one other item that will take your purchase over £150).
Great timing as about to get the Death Star
I signed up on line ages ago but since I never actually purchased anything I suppose its the reason I haven't had a card through or anything

Great timing as about to get the Death Star

Lucky boy!! I did want that for a while, but we got quite a few of the smaller Star Wars sets and the Milenium Falcon at Christmas and got all but a few of the mini figures that comes with it. If you have all the figures it lessens the overall value of that set a bit. But it is a lovely set!!

I have since decided to start collecting the modular buildings and so far have the Grand Emporium, Pet Shop and Fire Station. I also got Tower Bridge in June when it was posted at being £124 at
Can't justify a Death Star, got a house to save up for
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