Douwe egberts 200g jar half [email protected] £2.99
Douwe egberts 200g jar half price@tesco £2.99

Douwe egberts 200g jar half [email protected] £2.99

Buy forBuy forBuy for£2.99
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as above all varieties good deal if you love the stuff like my hubby does


Great coffee....hot

It's nothing special though I like the coffee
but it's so hard to get into these jars

nice coffee good price s++t shop but cant vote otherwise id be adding heat for TESCO
just cant bring meself to do it lmao

great price-i love this - thansk-heat added (_;)


It's nothing special though I like the coffeebut it's so hard to get into … It's nothing special though I like the coffeebut it's so hard to get into these jars

yeah had a few scream across the kitchen top..

great cuppa though

I had this from asda yesterday for £3 first time I bought it. It is really hard to open but is a nice cuppa would buy again at this price.

Got this for £2 in my local Sainburys the other day - think that deal is still on too.

Will go and check it out in Sainsburys as I like the airtight jars... coffee is nice too.

asda were doing these jars for £1.99 not too long ago, so might be worth checking in there 1st

There was no way the 200g jars were 2 quid in Sains/Asda.

The 100g yes - 200g no.

£3 In Asda and £5.99 in Sainsbury's.

This is common among Supermarkets, they inflate the price then put it on offer. They do it with everything, I will bet that Sainsburys follow suit in a couple of days. this type of practice has been referred to the advertising watchdog. So now you know it regularily sells in ASDA for only 1p more is it a bargain? I think not!

It was £3 in my local Asda at the weekend.

good price but this week i bought tesco gold coffee for 2.59 and it IS nescafe gold if you know what i mean

Nice coffee, but there is no way that 6 quid is the regular price for this. And I think if you shop around, there should be a better offer somewhere. I think Morrisons did 2 for 5 or something in that region.

Good price and a lovely cuppa!

Damn, stocked up big time on 100g jars from Co-Op when they were on bogof the other week, but this works out even cheaper! Oh well, guess I'll just have to buy some more
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