Douwe Egberts Espresso  £1.99 @ Aldi

Douwe Egberts Espresso £1.99 @ Aldi

Found 3rd Mar 2011
100g of instant espresso
Also, once finished, a very useful, airtight glass jar...


Douwe egberts make the nicest coffee IMO I love Phillips senseo pods

Please cold folks, tell me where I can find this cheaper? thanks in advance....

just make some real stuff & taste the difference you instant coffee maniacs!

I ca't drink it, makes me aggressive ..i'll stick to builders tea!

Regularly 99p in b&m bargains! In store only tho.

Day and night difference between DE coffee and Nescafe imo - DE wins hands down!

£1.99 is the regular price in home bargains.

I ran out of real coffee and had to wait a couple of days to get some more,so i bought some of that before christmas for 99p in QD and its the worst instant coffee i've ever tasted but,seeing as i don't like to throw things out,i give it to guests X)

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