Douwe Egberts Flavoured Coffee vanilla or chocolate 50g 99p @ 99p stores

Douwe Egberts Flavoured Coffee vanilla or chocolate 50g 99p @ 99p stores

LocalFound 4th Jun 2014
Douwe Egberts the flavour collective coffee vanilla 50g
Douwe Egberts the flavour collective coffee chocolate 50g

Found in the Swansea store

99p @ 99p stores next cheapest ive seen is waitrose for £1.99.
Thought it was a good price.
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Nice price
Love the vanilla one with hot milk as a nice cheer me up treat xx
tesco near me had this on offer for 75p recently (only one jar on the shelf so I didn't post to avoid a tesco goose chase) I'm glad I didn't pay full price, although the coffee is nice, there does seem to be an almost 'perfumey' after taste. I've not been swayed from monin syrup yet!
Personally wouldn't recommend the chocolate one and can't comment on vanilla. Awesome price though!
Shame they don't have the caramel one but I'll take vanilla! Hope they have it in at my local 99p store!
Hazelnut is lovely I love this coffee thanks for posting
I really like the caramel one as well, but the vanilla is pretty good. Thanks OP
I have just bought these for just over £2 each at tesco!
Nice. Will check them out tomorrow
Only tried the hazelnut version so far, at this price I will try both cheers OP.
good price ty op
Shame they don't have caramel which for me is the only one worth buying, but heat added anyway.
If I liked coffee I'd get this but a good price for quality coffee (I think)
The chocolate one is pretty gross as a coffee but if you make a Latte with it tastes quite nice!
none in newcastle under lyme
Oh... will check at the weekend...
finger crossed for hazelnut
I get through a jar a week of the caramel one, so nice. Not tried any of the others but tempted now
None in the Winton store.
Don't have it in my local 99p store (Wallsend), I'll live in hope though!
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