Douwe Egberts ground coffee 227g (various flavours) only £0.92 instore at Co-op

Douwe Egberts ground coffee 227g (various flavours) only £0.92 instore at Co-op

Found 11th Oct 2016
There's a bit of a cock up with pricing for Douwe Egberts ground coffee at Co-op just now. It's supposed to be £3.69 per 227g bag, but it's either £1.85 or £0.92.

The Castlemilk, Glasgow branch had the Smooth and Full Bodied favours at £0.92 whereas the Croftfoot, Glasgow branch had the Smooth at £1.85, but had Dark Italian at £0.92.

All coffees have long Best Before dates (Feb and May 2017), so it's not a price dump to sell before their Best Before dates pass.

Fwiw, I cleaned out all DE from the Castlemilk branch (7 Smooth plus 4 Full Bodied) as well as all 7 Dark Italian from Croftfoot. But I left 6 Smooth on the shelf at Croftfoot as £1.85 seemed expensive seeing as I just bought 7 bags at £0.92 from nearby Castlemilk - even though £1.85 is pretty cheap as it is.
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great coffee so is lavazza
That's gonna fly...;)
Was this labelled on the shelf at this price or priced correct on shelf but scanning at the lower prices ?. Ta.
Both. In Castlemilk, Smooth and Full bodied were priced at £0.92, but in Croftfoot ticket prices were £3.69 for DE ground coffee. I would have visited other Co-ops (and therefore confirmed whether the price discrepancies extend beyond the two I raided), but there are no more stores close enough to make the trip worthwhile.
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Anyone else find in another store
nice find
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