Douwe Egberts roast coffee 200g, for £2 @ Asda (reduced from £5.19)

Douwe Egberts roast coffee 200g, for £2 @ Asda (reduced from £5.19)

Found 9th Feb 2009
Just noticed this instore today and picked up a couple for myself!
Both Dark roast and medium roast were available
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expensive ground coffee

expensive ground coffee

Agreed at £5.19! But for £2, it aint bad! :whistling:
lovely coffee, i didn't see that when i popped in today to get the easter eggs
eek - I paid on Saturday £2 for 100g of same coffee in Asda reduced from £2.50 or something.
yup good deal at £2 just can't surprised at its RRP
NOooooooooo, Saturday I bought 2, but they are £2 for 100g
I just pick one up.... however it was £3 for the medium roast, and the dark roast was £2!!!!!!!!!!..

Thought the dark might have been bitter, so I paid the extra £1.... Nice smooth and strong taste well worth the money.....

NOooooooooo, Saturday I bought 2, but they are £2 for 100g

Yeah the 100g were £2 from £2.99....
So I am confused, is this offer accurate?!?! 200g for £2? Dark AND Medium as OP said?

So I am confused, is this offer accurate?!?! 200g for £2? Dark AND … So I am confused, is this offer accurate?!?! 200g for £2? Dark AND Medium as OP said?

Both Dark and Medium were deffo £2 in my local store, only thing that was £3 was a big bag of tetley tea.
According to the labels
Dark was £5.19 down to £2
Medium was £4.00 down to £2
see my pondland deal i have just posted for this
see my poundland deal i have just posted for this, Scoob
Brilliant find. I'll be stocking up if Imanage to get some. Thanks. Heat added:)
If you can do without the jar, you get a 250g pack of DE coffee for 1 pound just about everywhere: home bargains, wilko, pound land etc. Is the glass really worth 1 pound and 50g of coffee?

Anyway, I agree that this is one of the best coffee you can get.
I'll be a few at that price:)
I think that some people on this thread are talking at cross purposes.

This deal is for 200g jars of freeze dried instant coffee. It is not ground (real) coffee.

As far as I know, the 250g packs of Douwe Egberts coffee in Pondland etc. are all real coffee.

If you want Douwe Egberts real coffee for Filters or Cafetieres, then Poundland etc. are your best bet.

If you want Douwe Egberts freeze dried instant coffee, then this deal will be very hard to beat.

This is instant coffee, not ground coffee. Surely?

EDIT; Oops, just saw above.
nerver tried this brand. worth trying at that price.
is it nicer than nescafe
This is superb coffee. It makes Nescafe taste like mud ( well it was ground lol ).
Bought this yesterday in Asda Taunton, was charged £3 reduced from £5.19, was happy enough with that as it matched the gold blend price in somerfield which i missed out on locally, butt sill more that the OP's price so may be priced differently in different stores?
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Like I say mine was £3....
its 100g for £2.00!!!!! :-D
mine are deff 200g
maybe the medium is differant from store to store?

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Something is different, as yours is 871100006536 and mine is 37
hot - what is the cafe bit? Is that another variety of the same brand?
Just back from my local Asda (burton-on-trent) as this is the only coffee my OH will drink. They had the 100g jars down to £2 (from £2.73) but the 200g were defo £3 (down from £4), this is also the 'le cafe' variety and not the continental gold. The continental gold normally sells for £5.19 for 200g.
Asda Folkestone does not stock that size :x Manager says some stores don't. They had one lone jar at £2 for 100g on the shelf. Didn't see it at Canterbury either.
this stuff is so good - get one , get lots get as many as you can carry I am on me way home off nights , I just hope they have some :thumbsup:
Asda Edinburgh is also £3 for 200g
So the 200g is £3 NOT £2 then - Yes?! Thus, deal incorrect?
I paid £2 for the 100g - they had no 200g jars.
Just called to Harrogate store to clarify what i saw

Its 200g of Dark is £2
200g of Medium is £3
Just been to asda middlesbrough the 100g are £2 the 200g are £3 even the dark one
still a hot deal:thumbsup:
as this is incorrect I'll expire it ;-)
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