Dove Men +Care Clean Comfort 48h Antiperspirant Deodorant 250ml £1.11 @ Lloyds Pharmacy

Dove Men +Care Clean Comfort 48h Antiperspirant Deodorant 250ml £1.11 @ Lloyds Pharmacy

Found 14th Jan
Dove Men +Care Clean Comfort 48h Antiperspirant Deodorant 250ml use code SHOP20 for 20% off...also 6% on TCB!!! Free c + c
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Good price for a quality product, not so sure about lloyds still waiting for the electric toothbrush I ordered before Christmas
Received my 2 electric toothbrushes this week, click and collect. After waiting nearly 3 weeks. On the order was 2 Dove antiperspirant this was cancelled, no stock
I had orders cancelled recently, and they said that ordering system was not up to date, and not to reorder for another seven days.

"I understand your frustration but as our warehouse are so far behind they are unable to offer substitutes or alternatives. I’m sincerely apologetic but as this issue has happened on such a large scale we are unable to make alternative arrangements for customers at the moment. I would usually advise you to place a new order for alternative items and I will offer you discount on them by way of a refund but at the moment with the stock feed being inaccurate I wouldn’t advise you to as it may also end up being cancelled as well. I’m really sorry we cannot be of more help at this time. The only thing I could advise would be to wait 7 days and place a new order on the website and let us know your order number so we can issue a refund amount back to you so you end up with an even better deal than the cancelled orders. This way I would hope the website and warehouse would be up to date and we can give you one to one customer care."

Don't expect to receive this one!
They’re absolute sh*t! One item on my last order was OOS, so they sent me an email to tell me, then had the cheek to charge me for delivery as it’d dropped below £20 (or whatever it is!) so I cancelled the entire order.
Received today
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