Downfall (aka: Der Untergang) (2 Discs) £3.99 Delivered

Downfall (aka: Der Untergang) (2 Discs) £3.99 Delivered

Found 26th Jun 2007
I watched this film via online rentals and it is a very well made account of the last days within the Berlin Bunker of Adolf Hitler. Althouigh

It is an absolute must if you are interested in or studying WW2 history.

April 1945, a nation awaits its... Downfall

Not since G.W. Pabst's 1956 effort, 'Letste Akt' (The Last Act) has a German film attempted to tackle the subject of their most famous leader, Adolf Hitler. Breaking a long-standing taboo, the director, Oliver Hirschbiegel, has made a film that has sparked much debate in Germany and the rest of the world. Downfall features an astonishing performance by Bruno Ganz as history's most notorious figure. Providing an unprecedented and controversial insider's perspective, the film is a gripping insight into the madness and desperation of Hitler in the final hours of the war as the Russian Army closes a ring around Berlin. Beautifully photographed and brilliantly acted, this tour de force is at once dramatic, harrowing and remarkably authentic.

The basis for the screenplay by writer-producer Bernd Eichinger came from two key sources: Joachim Fest's book "Inside Hitler's Bunker: The Last Days of The Third Reich", the recognition that the horrifying epic of Hitler and his people during his twelve years in power was reflected in those last twelve days in the bunker; and the memoirs of Hitler's private secretary, Traudl Junge, in Melissa Mueller's book, "Until The Final Hour: Hitler's Last Secretary", which provided an invaluable insight into the character of the man, and those final, fatal few days of the war.

Special Features:
The Making Of Downfall documentary
Interviews with the filmmakers and members of the cast
The Bunker: a virtual tour
About Shooting: a behind the scenes look with audio commentary from director Oliver Hirschbiegel
Shooting In Russia: a behind the scenes look with audio commentary from members of the production crew
The historical figures and the actors who play them


Great price. Excellent Film.

Voted hot.

Excellent film indeed, voted hot.

If anyone enjoyed this film also worth a look would be ]Blind Spot available from for £4.95 which greatly influenced Downfall. Click on the title for a link to the page.
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