Downforce Go Kart - was £119 now £59 Halfords

Downforce Go Kart - was £119 now £59 Halfords

Found 20th Oct 2016
Halfords have half price selected ride on toys. I have been keeping my eye out for a go kart for my little boy for christmas. This seem like a good reduction. Some are bikes also reduced. Hopefully will help someone else

other half price ride-ons here…=-1
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Bought about 6 weeks ago at Halfords for the Grandsons birthday. Reduced to £49. Found a few reviews afterwards and they weren't promising. Main problem appears to be the chain which is given to coming off. You will probably need to get someone to remove a link to sort this out. Seemed reasonable value for £49 but never worth £119.
Me and my daughter had such a good time sledging a few years ago, i bought one of these to go down the hills on instead. I turned it over doing what seemed like mach 1, I survived, the kart was smashed beyond repair. 1 - nil to humanity!
Upto 30kg ? Does anyone have one of these? My boy is a big boy 98th percentile for height and weight 5 year old and he is nearly 30 kg already - just a bit worried this might only fit him for a week after Christmas
They had one made up in our Halfords. My 6 year old is tall but skinny (approx 22 kg). It looked fine for him. Maybe pop into store if you can?
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