Download games for 75%+ off!
Download games for 75%+ off!

Download games for 75%+ off!

Some (all?) games are 50% off right now, plus they are running a buy one get one free promotion.

This site ran a promotion earlier where they gave out free games. I traded in the games I got and have completed to the value of £11, I then bought a game at £12.49 (50% off) and used a voucher I received on another £12.49 game. So I paid £1.49 for games worth £50!

One gripe will be the server speed. They aren't Valve with Steam or IGN with Direct2Drive, they are a small site and it does run slower.

Sorry if this is the wrong section. It could effectively go in most of the sections and this is my first deal posted.


Good site, I have 5 games and £10 credit without spending a penny

good deal will look into it and yeah you are right it should be moved to the deals section rather than the freebies section (Y)

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This is still running, and I'm unsure how to move it anywhere.
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