Download guess the emoji game and get 100 free Amazon coins
Download guess the emoji game and get 100 free Amazon coins

Download guess the emoji game and get 100 free Amazon coins

on the Amazon app today has the offer of download guess the emoji game for free and get 100 Amazon coins for free, bargain

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that's the Amazon appstore app

Good deal! Many thanks

fab ta :-)

Not showing the free coins?

how do you get the free coins plse as downloaded it but not saying got any??

Same here, followed the link, downloaded and no coins. Did I miss something or does it take a while to update?

I think the coins may be "in app currency" and not Amazon coins :-(
Having said that, I don't see 100 coins credited in the app itself or the appstore.
I also checked my wallet and nothing there either :-D

Same problem, downloaded app but no coins on my account anyone know how to get the coins?

It usually takes a while to appear I think. I think the app uses IAP via real moola hence the free Amazon coins as an incentive. However to be frank there is never anything to spend them on. Still got 1855 from last year......

It's probably in-game coins. It's in the same section where they always do deals on freemium games and give in-game currency/boosters etc. 99% sure it will be just coins for the game itself.

If it was Amazon coins it would say it on the game page itself as well as on the website
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I think this is only going t work through the old Amazon App Store app and not the new combined Amazon app.

If you go here for example:


it specifically says "Earn 60 Amazon Coins" and it also says that on the app itself - there's no mention on the Guess the Emoji app - so it's definitely just in-game coins.

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I bought one the other week and it took several days for my Amazon coins to appear
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