Dozen red roses £5 @ Morrisons

Dozen red roses £5 @ Morrisons

Found 13th Feb 2014
Morrisons have stocked up their flowers for V day tomorrow. I went in to buy their 18 for £10 however the 12 for £5 looked much nicer and fresher so I purchased these instead.

I know the same deal is at Tesco, but the quality of these are excellent and a great price considering the usual mark up for V day.

I will try get a picture uploaded shortly.


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Ha-ha that's my missus on the picture -:)))

Thanks, Quick stop off on the way home and only a £5 spent.. Sorted

Don't forget Haagen Dazs is also £2 at Morrisons! Flowers and a tub for £7 = happy missus

My local Morrisons had a display with bubbly and condoms together

Just got a bunch, these are half decent. The bunches at my Lidi looked a bit scabby in comparison (the £2 single rose were very good though)
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Morrisons always seem to have good quality flowers

Nice pic

checked out my local morrisons and the ones there looked nothing like that picture - they were like a bunch of weeds about a third the size of those ones.

the ones in my local were terrible as well. nothing like them in the pic.

Got some from Tesco's £5 and they are really nice.

Treat her to a vase too! (sorry couldn't resist it)

why bother at all

£2.50 in Tesco

Wait until tomorrow and get them on a whoops deal!

My boyfriend gave me a small box of Roses chocs !
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