Dr Dre Solo Beats headphones - Deal Extreme

Dr Dre Solo Beats headphones - Deal Extreme

Found 26th May 2011
Dr Dre Solo Beats Headphones from deal extreme. Made in the same factory as the originals at 1/3rd of the price. If you are looking at this 'bargain' you will know how popular the Beats line by Dr Dre are.

Other styles & colours are available, search Designers headphones on deal extreme.
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hmmm. very dubious imo.
Fakes for sure

I like the comment, made in the same factory...lol
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There are people out there who still think stuff they get off deal extreme and eBay are genuine..

And when it falls apart / quality is rubbish will believe the originals are just as bad.
Fakes. It's getting chilly in here
getting cold
Thay're 5 star genuine fakes. Whats the problem they're 1/3rd of the price of genuine ones!!
Dudz Will you ever learn!!!

Dudz Will you ever learn!!!

Ha ha you getting some donny902?
The only reason to buy the real ones is brand name obsession. Buying a copy, even at 1/3 of the totally unrealistic price of the branded ones, is missing the point entirely, such as it is.
These will sound just as good as the 'real' Dre ones. I would not touch either.
and what about if it gets caught for customs duty VAT and £13 post office charge to collect the money.
Remember the goverment are clamping down from Sept. all the Channel Island firms are going to have to pay VAT, so the price of DVD's etc will go up.
And buying anything off dealextreme over a tenner is normally a mistake, they do not know what the word "Quality Control" translates to in Chinese
why is this deal still up? Fakes are normally spammed and off in a shot
Mate of mine bought a set of these, they arrived this week.
They actually sound better than my other mates offical solos

these are going to be 110% fakes!
These are definitely snides. Cold!
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