Dr. Martens 8 Eyelet Lace Up Boots in Black Quilted Leather - £40 Delivered via Office app

Dr. Martens 8 Eyelet Lace Up Boots in Black Quilted Leather - £40 Delivered via Office app

Found 12th Jan 2016
Been a long time since I've posted a deal! I placed an order for these late last night via the app for £40 delivered. Sizes 3 through to 7 available at the time of posting.

The Grey Nubuck Exclusive are available at £41.60 in the above sizes also.


(if someone could add the picture that would be appreciated!)
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Why no size 9, gutted
Quilted!!! WTF
Do I really need another pair? Actually like the quilted design. Good price comfy boot that you can dress up or down
I really need new boots and these would be perfect but I'm broke(ish) until the end of the month... Dilemma!
Ordered for my daughter. Bargain.

Why no size 9, gutted

Womens Boots. Thats why.



Womens Boots. Thats why.

​women's go up to a size 9
Great deal. Size 7 now sold out (missed out :()
If they are for women I'm surprised they aren't in pink.
Nice deal OP, heat added.

I'd buy these if I were a lady, or had mini-man-feet

Are these unisex? … Are these unisex? http://www.office.co.uk/view/product/office_catalog/2,10/1772504363

My guess is, that if you have to ask then you have your answer
Wow they look horrendous!
Were £33 at m&m direct before Christmas but sold out before I could pounce. Hot!
They look nasty, but still a good deal for a pair of Dr's
worth popping into the Doc Shop if you have one local, I believe there are a few scattered around. I go into the one near Wellingborough, pairs of boots £30, you just never know what styles or sizes they have in, which adds to the fun imho
Thank you very much OP. Just bought a pair of these for a surprise present for the wife. Couldn't afford them at full price.
gone up to 62 pounds now
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