Dr. Martens Aaliyah Leather Boots were £100, now only £25 delivered @ Amazon!

Dr. Martens Aaliyah Leather Boots were £100, now only £25 delivered @ Amazon!

Found 29th Dec 2009
Quality boots! Sizes 3-9, black, tan or wine!
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Great Price... thanks
Gutted as wanted 9 in wine and they are not available. Voted hot though
Thanks :thumbsup:
BTW, I like your Hello Kitty avatar Bexxa
wooooooo bought
Great Find
Thank you very much. Super Find.
Great Find, Thats Me Just Ordered A Wee Extra Birthday Present To Myself Thanx
Got to stop telling my wife about these shoe deals, thats the third pair of footwear ordered in the past 2 weeks from Amazon, amazing savings though, £240 RRP worth of footwear for £75. She just ordered the wine ones.

Heat and rep added

Couldnt find them when I searched myself for Dr Martens, but your link worked perfectly! Size 9's are a rare find and I snap them up when I can! Fantastic price for these boots!
oh god someone remove this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!before i buy all 3 colours....hot hot hot .
thank you
They're LOVELY. I've been searching for the right pair of boots for about 3 years now. Reckon I've just found them! Many, many thanks :thumbsup:
:thumbsup:I need the black but want the brown ones!! Oh and I do like the wine, they are growing on me!! But can only have one pair......Ahhhhhh. Thanks Op!!:-D
thanks, great timing i need a new pair of boots
does anyone know how high the heel is?
It is 2.5 inches but as it is a wedge it won't seem that high I don't think
Thankyou! Just ordered a pair too - hope they fit my chunky legs though! LOL!
Gone up to £50. Thanks anyway but I wasn't quick enough !!!
just gone up to £50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrr
Offer over, they are £50 now!
but the black is still available at £25!
blimey... not any more!
Tired to buy but it only seems to be certain sizes at £25.

Wanted BLACK size 7 or 8 both show £50.

Has anyone ordered in these sizes for £25??
Shepherd all of the boots in all colours and all sizes were for sale for £25 when this offer was posted.
got them size 7 in wine just in time thanks x
Just got black size 9 for £25 - I had them in my basket and the price stayed the same. Lucky I guess.
Oh, and got hush puppies slip on ladies for £11 odd. Perfect for my daughter for school. Poor thing has very large feet for a 12 year old girl, lol. x
What time did it expire??
I'm sure I was showing the WIFE them at around 16.50 at £25 (size 8 black), but she couldn't make a decision so its her fault!! AND my saving!! Thanks anyway.......
Thanks very much!! xx
Seems to be coming up at £50 now very sad cos they look so nice:-(
Now up to £50 :x
Got them today, the wife thinks theyre a bargain at £25!

Got them today, the wife thinks theyre a bargain at £25!

Did you order using first class or have Amazon Prime? My wifes havent been dispatched yet, there again she used supersaver delivery.
Mine should be here today but the reviews on amazon dont look that good
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