Dr Martens Infant Sandals // Cloggs eBay // £23.99 Delivered!

Dr Martens Infant Sandals // Cloggs eBay // £23.99 Delivered!

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Found 14th Mar 2016
Ive seen these sandals for £35 only yesterday in Schuh. Only certain sizes in stock but bargain if anyone manages to get a pair.
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"Damn daniel" comes to mind seeing these..
Gosh. How much these cost and a child can only wear them for a few months
My little boys have these I absolutely love them and so do they, I'm a big fan of Dr martens I wear mine quite alot because there really comfortable and think it's definitely worth paying the extra to make sure the kids are in comfy well made shoes too. HOT from me
Would never buy DM shoes for kids, the soles are too soft and offer little protection against nails or glass etc....I speak from very painful experience and a long weekend in hospital.
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