Dr Martens Mens Black Leather Boots £39.99 + £3.99 p&p shuh/ebay size 7to12 in stock

Dr Martens Mens Black Leather Boots £39.99 + £3.99 p&p shuh/ebay size 7to12 in stock

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Found 19th Jul 2012
Dr Martens have teamed up with Schuh to celebrate our 30th birthday in style! This exclusive collaboration of a classic 14 tie boot is completely tonal with a radiant leather upper and the famous airwair sole unit. You cant get more classic than that
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Good offer I saw these for £85 in Canterbury the other day... Heat added
Hot! Thanks OP.
Thanks OP
LOL - I have doctor-friend whose name is Merten xD :closeenough:
Its not class or ideology
colour creed or roots
the only thing that unites us
is Doctor Martens boots

Doctor Marten gave his boots to the world
so that everybody could be free
they're classless matchless ageless and waterproof
and retail for only 19 pounds and 99p

Pretty soon everybody will be wearing
those boots with the air-flow souls
and your boots will have a meeting
and your boots will take control

thanks to Doctor Martens
Everybody moves to one beat
thanks to Doctor Martens
there will be dancing in the street

No don't you want me

Ok boot do your stuff

doctor martens doctor martens
doctor martens boots

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Just the thing for Guardian female writers or BBC wimmin X)
As a man who doesn't go by brand alone.. These look kinda naff
Just saying


Not voting either way
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The sole looks strange on these though it does not seem to have a contoured heel its all the same level

The sole looks strange on these though it does not seem to have a … The sole looks strange on these though it does not seem to have a contoured heel its all the same level

Agreed. Something slightly remedial about the look. Great price tho and sure to appeal.
Doc Martens have been a part of my wardrobe for a silly amount of years, although I justify them now as boots for work rather than fashion. Never found a boot as comfortable as these, although they are expensive (but never buy cheap shoes) and despite the size of the sole, they don't last long and have a tendency to split when you least expect it. But they are soooooo comfortable.

These ones are not standard and are made just for Schuh - never tried them so can't comment if the leather and sole is the same, but to me they look odd without the yellow detailed stitching. Never mess with a classic - go for the 1460 Black smooth.
they're almost like those horrible shoreditch ones.

Monkey Boots are the future.

Monkey boots? Check out these bad boys http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51qPhBd3WwL._SL500_AA300_.jpg
I used to get these as trotters (when I was a police officer) nice and comfortable but very expensive as they only lasted about 6 months before the sole cracked - hope they've sorted that problem out
Have a good close look at the photos, these may not be the classic 1460 style boots you are expecting
We weren't allowed Doccers at school.
Look at Javari... pretty much same price...voted cold!

Look at Javari... pretty much same price...voted cold!

Link please - just checked on Javari and couldn't see black boots for less than £64.99
I do prefer steel toe caps myself,great for the pub
These are the same price via Topcashback and you can get free delivery along with 5.05%cashback. Just ordered, Great find op. Thanks
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Not sure about the MBT type sole.... Not seen that design before.

Heat added as sub £40 DMs must be a bargain!
Are these any good for hiking and water resistant? Looking for a good pair of shoes for my trip to India.

Nice, rather tempted by these.

Thanks for posting OP!

and retail for only 19 pounds and 99p

Link? (_;)
Postage now £4.99
Weird looking design? I prefer the pair i bought when they weren't trendy and made in the UK!

Postage now £4.99

Nope, still free delivery via topcashback/Shuh providing you go for standard 2-3 day delivery

delivery365 days returnhelp
UK Next Day delivery £4.99
UK Selected Day delivery £4.99
Standard 2-3 days delivery FREE
Buy online, collect in store FREE
We deliver to over 100 international destinations.
I raise you:
Horrid soles on these! Take a look on the schuh web site!
Top find, 14 year old lads boot of choice over kickers for next school year, heat for you.
Just like HP and Terrys Chocolate Oranges, another sell out brand that is no longer made in this country but is now made in the Far East. Not for me anymore.
they are comfortable shoes, but they DO WARE OUT FAST!! soles are dead within a year. i brought a pair for work, hoping they would last a few good years. but the soles wear out quick so tbh i'd never buy again.
if you bought dr martens back in the 70's/80's then these are not the same standard at all, and will not be comfortable. If you want the old style quality of dr marten made in england and all that you have to pay through the nose for them sadly

God these boots take a good while to break in, love my 1640s and would have got these but that was 6 months ago. Only got them to replace a pair of Chukkas that are 6+ years old and which have seen 200,000+ miles (driving not walking!). Sole does look a little funny on these but I'll get them to replace my 1640s when they go. Heat added.
Weird people wear these.
used to have a old uk made pair for 6 years and had no problem....got a new pair last year and had to get a refund after half a year because they were falling apart and were too painful to wear...
wont ever get another pair until they go back to being made better again
whats up with those sole, looks a bit retarded like that. Good find anyways but not for me with those awful soles
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