Dr. Marten's Navy Blue 1460 Originals - Amazon - £52.48

Dr. Marten's Navy Blue 1460 Originals - Amazon - £52.48

Found 20th Dec 2016
Plenty of sizes available for the £52.48 price in the navy blue.

Some sizes cheaper in the white (about £46), but blue far superior IMVHO.

Prime eligible too, so okay for Christmas.
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Are these the original quality ones or the new, lesser, Chinese made ones?
That's really cheap. I sell used ones for more.
no size 9 or 8.5
Great pair, got one last time. It s well Made in Vietnam, not bl**** China.
Thanks, some last minute christmas shopping done.
China contract out a lot of production to Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos these days as labour is cheaper there. It doesn't really matter where products are made - it's all about the quality controls around materials and production. Hopefully Dr Martens (or whoever owns them now) will keep up their quality standards.

I won't buy Clarks shoes again - my last pair were made out of synthetic leather and have a revolting oily smell. I know they are under pressure to cut costs, but if they're going to use crap materials I'd rather pay more and shop elsewhere.
Are these definitely men boots. Sizes start from 3UK though!
I have these boots, no problems at all. I think of them as unisex, if the boot fits . . .
Ordered, but didn't see prime option?
I think that it depends on the size. Order a 9.5, for example, and you get it. I haven't ordered any myself yet, as already have about 5 pairs of Docs, but might treat myself for Christmas.
The only thing that unites us, but they should be 19 pounds 99 pee
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