Dr Martens Sale is live. Up to 50% on few models.

Dr Martens Sale is live. Up to 50% on few models.

Found 25th Dec 2017
I was browsing to buy new docs and found out that Dr Martes’ sale is actually live. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but few are decent models.
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Some good ones as you say ... my experience is that shoes offered do change during the sale periods, so keep looking.

This year I have had 3 Docs, all size 9. One pair from day 1 was love and perfect fit, my most worn shoes, pair 2 ripped the skin of both ankles to shreds over the course of less than a day wearing outside, pair 3 were sore for a few days and then settled down and are now 95% pretty much OK. So I dunno if it's a specific design thing or an individual pair thing, but you may have to send back if you find they hurt when you put them on first. The painful pair I sold on eBay for more than I paid in the sale, so all turne dout OK ;-)
So many are synthetic, you have to hunt out the leather ones (no helpful filter).

Even the sale prices are a little OTT. Since the DM brand was bought by Permira , who are clearly in it to squeeze some money out of this historic shoemaker, the prices no longer bear any relation to the quality of the shoes.

Shop for the nostalgia, but not for the quality IMHO.
I used to love get Docs but as mentioned above they have almost doubled in price these days for lesser quality, shame, a once great brand bought by cash grabbers
solovair > dr martens.
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