Dr Pepper 2 Ltr £1.00 @ Sainsburys Instore and Online

Dr Pepper 2 Ltr £1.00 @ Sainsburys Instore and Online

Found 9th Jun 2012Made hot 9th Jun 2012
Dr Pepper

All 2 Litres £1.00 Each

As is Dr Pepper Zero for those worried about their weight.
- Anthonyuk


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Whats the worst that could happen..
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Same at asda, plus a few more brands.

Asda do Pepsi max cherry for a quid which is gorgeous

Figured it was worth adding that Dr Pepper Zero is also in the £1 offer.

Love Dr Pepper literally the nicest drink in the world.

This stuff practically runs in my blood stream now.

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All the zeros are also listed lol. But none of them taste as good as the real deal.

Been like this for a while now

If only petrol was charged at 2 litres for a £1.

If only it would taste like Dr pepper from US

Slightly off topic but has anyone tried the own brand stuff that Tesco do called dr fizz? I usually think own brand rip offs are rancid but i think its ok as a temporary substitute when dr p goes back up to silly money.

Been this price in tesco for a while for those who don't live near a sainsburys

Same in ASDA also


Normal price at Sainsbury Aberdeen. No discount.
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