Dr Snuggles: The Complete Collection (Box Set) - £12.89

Dr Snuggles: The Complete Collection (Box Set) - £12.89

Found 22nd Sep 2006
Doctor Snuggles is a cuddly little man, an incurable optimist who longs to make the world a better place. He lives in his quaint house at the edge of the wood. It could be anywhere in the whole wide world. Doctor Snuggles is an inventor. He invents a variety of wondrous contraptions in his shed at the bottom of the garden. Each invention is specially designed to help children, animals and all living things everywhere. His aims and dreams lead him in and out of many delightful adventures. Mostly things do not transpire exactly the way Doctor Snuggles has planned, but along the way he gets caught up in a world of new friends and happy happenings; brimful of magic, laughter and fantasy.

The Astounding Treacle Tree & Other Stories
The Astounding Treacle Tree
The Fabulous Mechanical Mathilda Junkbottom
The Spectacular Rescue Of Miss Nettles

The Sensational Balloon Race & Other Stories
The Sensation Balloon Race
The Unbelievable Wormmobile
The Magical Multi-Coloured Diamond

Winnie The Witch & Other Stories
The Fearful Miscast Spell Of Winnie The Witch
The Remarkable Fidgety River
The Extraordinary Odd Dilemma Of Dennis The Badger

The Magic Casket & Other Stories
The Wondrous Powers Of The Magic Casket
The Turn Of Events With The Unwelcome Invaders
The Great Disappearing Mystery
The Amazing Reflective Myth

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The only episode of this that I remembered clearly turned out to have been written by Douglas Adams & John Lloyd


They also wrote one other ep - "The Great Disappearing Mystery".
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