Dr Strangelove DVD 3.99 at HMV
Dr Strangelove DVD 3.99 at HMV

Dr Strangelove DVD 3.99 at HMV

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This is an all time classic, if you haven't seen it buy it, borrow it or rent it but you won't regret watching it.

Stanley Kubrick proved that he could master any genre he turned his hand to with this hilarious black comedy about the end of the world. A disturbed officer sets about a chain of events that will could lead to the USA accidentally bombing Russia, while the President meets with his top officials in the war room to see what can be done to stop the impending doom. Peter Sellers played three roles, the President, an English RAF officer and the wheelchair bound Dr Strangelove and would have played more if Kubrick had had his way. Listen out for one of the greatest quotes in film history- President Muffley " You can't fight in here, this is the War Room!"


One of the finest comedies ever made, and still bears relevance in todays messed up world.
Well worth the £3.99 if you haven't seen it.

Best film ever!

Agreed!! Watched it again a few weeks ago. Peter Sellers is brilliant :-D

Excellent black comedy...classic line being - 'You can't fight in here gentlemen...this is the war room!' :giggle:

Sellers was to have four roles in the movie (he was also supposed to play the captian of the B-52) I think he couldn't do the accent so it went to Slim Pickens.

Sellers is brilliant in this :-D


Get your kids into political satire, B&W movies, Peter Sellers & classic comedy.....



Thanks barneydog, good price never seen this myself so i've went for it (as cheap as renting!) :thumbsup:

Great film - great price. Already have it, but may buy it for brothers present.
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