Dr Who Battlepack (Two 5" R/C Daleks and Cyberman) Amazon - £12.99

Dr Who Battlepack (Two 5" R/C Daleks and Cyberman) Amazon - £12.99

Found 31st Dec 2008
Manufacturer's Description
Includes 2 Die Cast Daleks and Cyber Leader

Seek, Locate... Exterminate! This is the battle cry of the awesome Dalek! Genetic mutants, from the devastated planet Skaro and the ultimate force for evil in the known universe! The Daleks are the Doctor's oldest and deadliest enemy! In their armoured metal casings, the Daleks conquer and exterminate anything which is different from them. They are brilliant tacticians but devoid of all feelings. With their superior defensive and weapons abilities, they are virtually unstoppable! The two 5"-scale radio control Daleks in this set feature motorised movement , flashing lights and speech , plus infrared battling action! This limited edition pack includes a poseable Cyber Leader action figure. The commanding Cyberman features removable chest panel revealing his Emotion Inhibitor Chip. Also included is an Electro-Magnetic Grenade , an affective method of disabling a Cyberman!

Reduced from £30 - excellent price considering Amazon are charging nearly £11 for a single 5" Dalek....

Stock up for next years Xmas presents!!


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If you got them from Amazon in the last month for a higher price they should refund the difference.....

good find, thanks gari !:thumbsup:


Do you fight dalek against dalek? If they are virtually unstoppable, does anyone ever win?

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Maybe it ends in a draw......

I bought these for my daughter for xmas. Each dalek fires infra red 'shots' and each has a sensor to detect when hit. You have to hit head on 5 times I think (they flash to indicate how many hits you have had). It can take a while for someone to win but they are good entertainment especially if you have more than one kid (or a big kid) to play with them. As someone else said the downside is the huge number of batteries you need.

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Still available.......
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