Dr Who BOGOF Toys R Us

Dr Who BOGOF Toys R Us

Found 7th Nov 2008
BOGOF on all Dr Who toys at Toys R Us. This includes toys already reduced!
Instore and apparently online too, although the site has been down all day so cannot confirm this.
Starts today (7th Nov) ends Sunday 9th November.

I got 2 Dalek voice changer helmets for £18.49! (usually £39.99 each elsewhere)

This is my first post, please be gentle ;-)


HTTP Status 500 error showing when trying to use link? Not sure if this means their website is down??

Will try later as fab deal, thank you

Website now up but can't find BOGOF at the moment.

Sounds like a good deal, will give my local a ring as website aint showing me nothing either.

any news on whether this is on?

Yes this is on instore.

All Doctor Who toys are buy one get 2nd free (lowest priced free). So you can mix and match if you want.

BUT they have also reduced some of the prices before hand too. Making some mega bargins.

Luckily they had reduced the 'Proper' Dalek' helmets to £18.49, so picked up another one for free (the black one and the copper one - one for me & one for my son)

Exterminate!!! :-D

Cheers Geekgirl

Hot hot hot.

Bought £140 of stuff - half price - £70.

20 odd figures and loads of box sets.
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