Dr Who items from £1.99 delivered @ BBC Shop (Today Only) Cyberman Day + 10% off a £35 spend

Dr Who items from £1.99 delivered @ BBC Shop (Today Only) Cyberman Day + 10% off a £35 spend

Found 1st Dec 2014
Quite a few bits on offer! + FREE Delivery - 10% off £35 spend using code 10OFF35 (Thanks 008)

Doctor Who Series 1: Gelth Zombie figure (5") £1.99
Doctor Who: Dr. Constantine figure £1.99
Doctor Who: First Doctor Anniversary Mug £1.99
Doctor Who: Second Doctor Anniversary Mug £1.99
Doctor Who: Third Doctor Anniversary Mug £1.99
Doctor Who: Fourth Doctor Anniversary Mug £1.99
Doctor Who: Faceless Grandma Connolly figure (5") £1.99
Doctor Who: Ice Warrior Action Figure (3.75 Inch) £1.99
Doctor Who: Cyberman Parade Ltd Edition Mug £1.99
Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor Poster £1.99
Doctor Who: TARDIS Travel Mug £2.99
Doctor Who Cyberman Backpack £3.49
Doctor Who: The World Tour T-Shirt £3.99
Doctor Who: TARDIS Christmas Decoration £4.49
Doctor Who: Episode 4 - Listen T-Shirt £5.99
Doctor Who Electric New York T-Shirt £5.99
Doctor Who Weeping Angel T-Shirt £5.99

and more on link

Not for all, but if you do spend £35 on other stuff [not sale] you get 10% off your order:

- 008
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An excellent name for this promotion.

An excellent name for this promotion.


From the bbcshop members email, if only they had advertised it prior to, today, would be melting their servers with orders, just from the AMAZING pr from the promo name!!

Cheers OP, added some to my HUKD London 2012 order ;-)
full size cardboard CYBERman 1/2 price aswell. some great offers if you know any fans
Thank you. my wife will be very happy.
Some great deals! That's a few more gifts for under the tree! Fab find!!!
Just picked up Tenth Planet DVD for £4.99 - ta!
Thanks just ordered a couple of the figures for my son's friend who is Doctor Who mad. Great little stocking fillers
Cyberman day?
Is that how a southerner pronounces Cyber Monday!
Added the 10th Planet and The Moonbase to basket Think i may have to get that Dalek Christmas tree decoration aswell as a few mugs! Great find, heat added.
Super hot!

Just ordered three more Christmas presents ... £6.97 delivered. It would have cost me almost that just to go to town and have a look around
Ordered a couple of mugs for stocking fillers. Can't complain for 1.99 each. Though its a shame the 10th Doctor's Mug is still full price... so actually I am complaining after all
Ordered some mugs. Thanks!
Nice one.
Got some great stuff. Taken care of 3 presents.....and a sneaky Tom Baker mug for myself.;)

A big thanks, OP.
Couldn't resist going back and getting some stuff for myself. So I got a TARDIS tshirt, Cybermen mug and Day of the Doctor on DVD.

Bargainous. Thanks OP.
You can always tell what age someone is by their favourite Doctor!! Some great bargains on there, thank you, passed on to a few geeky friends as well.
top notch 4th doctor mug ordered!
Matt Smith mug and tardis travel mug for fiver. I was gonna spend £30 on a different travel mug on it's own. heat
Superb got 4 mugs!!!! thanks op
Awesome deals to be had. Hot stuff!
Super hot deal just brought 4 Ice Warrior Action Figures
Superb. Got mugs of Doctors 1,2,4&5 plus 2 DVDs for £16. Superb.
Thanks .... 2 mugs ordered . My son will be happy .... Heat added
brilliant, thanks, just ordered some xmas stuff xxx
Thanks very much - several xmas pressies sorted!
Superb spot.....Heated up!!!..lil one loves Dr Who....although Matt is much better then Peter ;)....Loads of figures ordered, and all are cheaper on the BBC site then on the world of Amazon :O)

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!! :O)
Great deal heat added
Gotta love how David Tennant's doctor mug is the only one that's full price...
Thanks for posting this. Love Doctor Who in this house and one of my sons will be thrilled to add some bits to his collection.
missed it
Has anybody received their order yet? Thanks
Got mine today, thanks

Got mine today, thanks

Thanks hopefully mine will turn up in the next day or two
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