Dr Who Series 1 (5DVD) for £39.99 INSTORE only @ WHSmith

Dr Who Series 1 (5DVD) for £39.99 INSTORE only @ WHSmith

Found 29th Jan 2007
Thirteen episodes. In Episode One 'Rose', a young woman called Rose meets up with a mysterious stranger called The Doctor, who saves her from harm when a basement full of showroom dummies comes alive and attacks her. 'The End Of The World' finds Rose and the Doctor in the future and about to witness Earth's destruction. 'The Unquiet Dead' finds the Doctor and Rose in 1869 where they discover the 'walking' dead. In 'Aliens Of London' The Doctor and Rose find themselves back on Earth. London is the location for a downed spacecraft and the alien survivor is wanted by The Doctor. In 'World War Three' the Earth faces war on an interplanetary scale... Or does it? 'Dalek' finds Rose and The Doctor underground in Utah, witnessing the torture and interrogation of an alien whose race wiped out The Time Lords. In 'The Long Game' the Doctor discovers that a satellite is manipulating the future of mankind. Investigations lead to a sinister discovery on the top floor. In 'Father's Day' Rose discovers the dangers of playing with the past when she asks the Doctor to let her meet her late father. The past is changed and the skies fill with monsters that devour all humans. The future of mankind lies in the hands of Rose's father. In 'The Empty Child' a child with a strange power calls for his mommy and wanders around the streets of London. The Doctor is warned by a homeless girl to stay away from the child. Rose meanwhile meets time traveller Jack Harkness who saves her life when she falls from a barrage balloon. In 'The Doctor Dances' Rose's new companion, Jack, and the Doctor fight back against the increasing zombie army in war torn London. Can the Doctor save the day? In 'Boom Town' the Doctor discovers that Cardiff's plan to build a nuclear power plant is actually a mask to hide a devastating alien plot. Also features: 'Bad Wolf' and 'Parting Of The Ways'.

Disc Features

Commentaries On All 13 Episodes From The Cast And Crew Including Simon Callow Russell T Davies Billie Piper John Barrowman And Mark Gatiss
On Set With Billie
Making Doctor Who
Waking The Dead
Special Doctor Who Confidential Disc
Destroying The Lair Featurette
Mike Tuckers Mocks Of Balloons Featurette
Designing Doctor Who Featurette
Laying Ghosts The Origins Of The Unquiet Dead Featurette
Deconstructing Big Ben Featurette
The Adventures Of Captain Jack Featurette
BBC Breakfast Interview With Christopher Eccleston
Audio Described On All Episodes

Picked this up today INSTORE for £39.99, which considering online it's between £45-70, depending on where you shop, it's a bargain. It doesn't appear to be the same offer online.. it's showing up £45 there on the WHSmith site. They had 2 copies in the main store in my town.. it's part of their half price tv box set sale they have on atm.
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:thumbsup: £38.45 from [url]www.foxy.co.uk[/url] with free UK delivery.

Don't forget 3% cashback via Quidco too.

Sorry - "stock pending".
Good price!
£58 instore at Tesco!!!
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