Dragnet; DVD only £1.43 at thehut.com!

Dragnet; DVD only £1.43 at thehut.com!

Found 14th Jul 2009
This is the city ... and only Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks can save it in this hilarious box-office blockbuster that pays homage to the famed original police drama of the fifties and sixties.
Aykroyd is at his comedic best as the namesake nephew of Detective Sgt. Joe Friday. Like his uncle he's a blue suited, by the rules cop who reluctantly joins forces with footloose partner Pep Streebek to rescue the City of Angels from the machinations of a power-mad reverend and a corrupt police commissioner. And those are 'just the facts' of this hysterically funny action-comedy.

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They were selling this in Poundland last week.

HOT Bargain, cheapest online. :thumbsup:

Theres's no pundland anywhere near me but never the less it's still worth paying an extra 43p just to get it posted !!!
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