Dragon Age 2 PS3 £9.85 @ shopto

Dragon Age 2 PS3 £9.85 @ shopto

Found 29th Nov 2011
Just stumbled across this for PS3. Hope it helps someone.

Sadly, not the same price for XB360.
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I don't know why my edit didn't appear, but just to confirm - the price includes delivery.
was not expired when I searched for it
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was not expired when I searched for it

I did search but must have missed it because it was expired. Perhaps it's new stock?

To answer the comments in the linked thread since that's expired:

If you liked DA:O and think you'll be getting something similar, stop there. You aren't. It's downright hideous compared to DA:O. (This is from somebody that loved DA:O and was enough of a masochist to force themselves through DAII.)
Unless you consider boring hack-and-slash combat, a mediocre story that by the end will make you sick of hearing the words "Mages" and "Templars" and playing the same 4 dungeons over and over again fun, that is...
(Really, not hyperbole with the 4, there is a shockingly bad reuse of environments. All they do is put a really obvious big concrete slab in the path to block it off slightly differently for each of these dungeons.)
Good game. Hot !
good game seems like id be robbing it if bought it for less than £10 lol
its an ok game but if you havent played DA:O, buy that instead it's much better than the sequel.
Save up an extra 25 and get Skyrim.
Just about hot I guess.
Wouldn't buy it at any price personally as I thought it was diabolical
I'm being a bit shameless atm (out of heat jealously :P) but if you want it on PC you can get it for the equivalent of £5 (buying 2 copies) here, or Oblivion + Dragon Age 2 for £9.99, whichever you prefer.
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