Dragon Age 2 (Xbox 360) - £17.99 @ Amazon
Dragon Age 2 (Xbox 360) - £17.99 @ Amazon

Dragon Age 2 (Xbox 360) - £17.99 @ Amazon

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As per title


have some heat


£10 on PC, mugs


£10 on PC, mugs

pc to run it costs more than xbox ..mug
Edited by: "brilly" 22nd Apr 2011

yes i suppose your right, a Ferrari does copst more than mini cooper. However, when the fuel that goes in the cheaper model is more expensive, ie the games themselves, eventually the cheap, poor quality, muggins we saw you coming model, will cost more. Therefore, if you have a lot of games a PC would be cheaper, such as myself, i have PC games going back 20 years. Then there's the accessories, memory etc you paid 10 times as much for, to try and turn yours into a PC. So i'm guessing your mummy's probably paid more than me.

shame your post was pathetic and instead of an argument you just decided to insult me and do a mom joke - well done.
fyi i have a pc not a xbox.
i bought this for a tenner.
there are often games at under a tenner on consoles too.
resale price of console games is higher than on pc (which is often zero.)

whole point is that different people want different things so calling someone a mug for their choice because you dont agree makes you the mug.


pc to run it costs more than xbox ..mug

You will find this post is factually incorrect, as it seems an Xbox is a power hog and uses more power than the average PC. - get your mummy to Google it for you.
Someone who through choice, ties themselves in to one maunfacturer and then pays twice as much for the same product, (as in this case) and tries to suggest that this is a "hot deal", successfully meets my definition of a mug.
A PC's compatability choice and competition on both hardware and software, and give you the freedom to pay as much or as little as you like. Someone who tries to defend these mugs with factually incorrect posts surely meets the definition of a fool. I apologise in advance should you be mentally challenged, but you sir are a fool, and so is your mom.

By the way i'm using an Xbox, not. LMFAO

erm mug and an idiot? yep.

notice i said 'pc to run it' and not 'to run the pc'
so it was factually correct.

average pc when gaming (seems to be what would be happening here) i believe would be 100W+
xbox slim around 80W
afaik 100>80 so even if i had said that a pc costs more to run than an xbox that could also be taken as correct.
ofc there are also older xboxes which take more and gaming pcs which will take more and laptops taking less.
who cares, i am not dictating to people thats a mugs game so be my guest.

ps. voted hot although its 80% more than the version i bought.
although its is now unavailable at that price unlike this deal. (now 40% different)
Edited by: "brilly" 23rd Apr 2011
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