Dragon Age Inquisition - DLC Raptr Pack
Dragon Age Inquisition - DLC Raptr Pack

Dragon Age Inquisition - DLC Raptr Pack

Considering my interest in Dragon Age I had to check if this was mentioned as similar deals from raptr have been announced on here. I couldn't find anything about this so here goes.

The cost is simply your own time to sign up.


The below link tells you how to get points.

Basically you sign up and set up with raptr which awards you with 500 points, exactly enough to buy the pack from the store then redeem it on your origin account.

Each Pack includes:
The Avvar Mixed Draft mount,
The Amulet of Martial Determination,
A Dragon Age Multiplayer chest (Medium Size)


EDIT: Revived freebie due to end date now the 31st of December 2015


thank you!

Thanks, worked fine for me!

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Glad to hear!

Presuming this is pc only?

Great find

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Presuming this is pc only?

Yes, PC Only.

Thanks! I had points sitting there not being used, finally had something to spend them on!

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Updated: Got this unexpired, new date says this promotion will end on the 31st of December 2015.

More time for people who got the game recently and in the future to enjoy this.

Original message: Today is the last day according to Raptr! Last chance! if you have anyone you know who hasn't claimed it yet tell them about it.
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