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Posted 12 February 2023

Dragon Ball Super: The Complete Series - Steelbook Collection - £89.99 (+£1.99 Delivery) @ Zavvi

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After defeating Majin Buu, life is peaceful once again. However, new threats begin to loom one after another. From Beerus, the God of Destruction, to the resurrection of Frieza, foes from across time and space step up to face Goku and his friends.

Product Features

Extras: Video extras will appear on Blu-ray only
Coffee Break with Mai & Trunks - 13:19
Texless Opening Song Future Trunks Ver - 1:27
Textless Closing Song 1 - 1:02
Textless Opening Song 2 - 1:02
Trailers - 5:41
Dragon Ball Super at Anime Expo 2019
Interview with Sonny Strait
Textless Opening Songs
Zavvi More details at Zavvi

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  1. Tom_Gourlay's avatar
    Also for anyone interested use the code Reddit for extra 12 percent off bringing it down to 79.19 😁 (edited)
  2. stedaman's avatar
    Auto Price Matching (edited)
  3. 2minutenoodles's avatar
    Do you need to have watched any other dragonball to watch this? (edited)
    water1234's avatar
    Not really. But it's the weakest series imo...maybe cos I've watched too many repeats
  4. kobrakaan1's avatar
    Red Carpet Membership gets you £9 off this price and free delivery making this set £80.99

  5. ObiMikenobi77's avatar
    Major heat!! This is a cracking deal.
  6. LazybeatX's avatar
    Had to buy this as I have all the DBZ steel books already. Although I’m not a huge fan of Super, this price was too good to pass for this collection, thanks op.
  7. Son-Goku's avatar
    Thanks OP! Just bought the entire DBZ series on blu ray and was looking for a deal on Super! This is a great deal, the steelbook edition seems to be going for crazy prices elsewhere.

    I was looking at the standard collection for this at about £60, but for about £20 more (including the discount code below), the steelbook edition is an absolute steal at this price.
  8. Carlos_Carlitos's avatar
    Amazing deal if I didn't have the standard edition on Blu-ray already i would be buying it straight away
  9. Supremo87's avatar
    Other than the steel cases, is there any difference between this and the normal blu ray set that goes for about half this much?
    haggardmchaggard's avatar
    What set is that? Can only find the bluray set that's £100.
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