Dragon Naturally Speaking £29.99 @ Serif

Dragon Naturally Speaking £29.99 @ Serif

Found 17th Dec 2010
Dragon NaturallySpeaking® 10 is a revolutionary piece of speech recognition software that enables you to talk to your computer and in return, see your spoken words appear on screen in a flash, be they in documents, emails, instant messages or even on the net. Making interaction with PCs faster, easier and more fun, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 is up to three times faster than typing and 99% accurate. STANDARD edition

Call free on 0800 376 4828 and quote code DNSj100

Order before 20/12/10 FREE delivery

Amazon price £47.49


That's the old version, and the new version (11) can be bought straight from Dragon for £40. Not hot

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But still it's very good value (I have the Pro version) over £80

Some things you pay a bit more for a lot more, and some things you pay a lot more, for very little more

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iPad version is free!

It works far better on intel processors as they are better at the calculations than the AMD ones. I use Dragon professional Medical 9.5 and it works well, but always gets the and, of, or and other small words wrong. It is brilliant at unusual words that are unique so very good for medical words. It also takes an age sometimes to recognise what has been said. People I know wh have tried the free Ipad/ ipod iphone version were not impressed.
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