Dragon quest builder 2 demo. Nintendo eshop (Japan)

Dragon quest builder 2 demo. Nintendo eshop (Japan)

Posted 6th Dec 2018
A demo has just been released in Japan. No English I am afraid though

A: Interact/confirm

B: Jump

Y: Attack

R: Run

X/ZR: Use/place (can be changed to ZR)

ZR/X: Pick up (rotate with Y)

L/ZL: Look up or down (also used to strafe)

Right stick click: Enter first-person (hold to zoom in/out by moving the left stick)
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It's also out for PS4 (on the Japanese PSN store). I will definitely download this.
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Thanks because of this, I checked for the other way round (buying from UK) and found out its region free. Didn’t realise, so appreciate it come Xmas.
Although I’m interested in this, it’s not really a deal?
More of a freebie... Also this should really explain how we switch region on the switch to allow the download just so idiots like me who forget every time can reference!
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