Dragon Quest IV Chapters Of The Chosen for the DS only £7.95 @ Zavvi online (+ 4% quidco)!

Dragon Quest IV Chapters Of The Chosen for the DS only £7.95 @ Zavvi online (+ 4% quidco)!

Found 4th May 2009
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"5 Untold Stories One Epic Adventure!
A veteran knight, a precious princess, an ambitious merchant, grieving sisters....
Though the lives of these brave souls could not be more different, they are nonetheless alike in destiny, for they- like you- have been chosen.
Guide them on their personal journeys and set out together on a quest that will decide the fate of the world!
For the first time ever, this classic Dragon Quest adventure comes to Europe, complete with stunning dual-screen 3D visuals, orchestral sound and wireless features!"

Interesting facts about the DS version from Wikipedia:
"Dragon Quest IV was later re-released for the Nintendo DS in Japan in November 2007. The game has been remade in 3D, similar to the PlayStation version.[24] This release has kept many of the enhancements from the PlayStation, but has received enhanced upgrades to smooth the graphics further, and improved sound.
This version of the game contains an entirely new translation of the script, and several enhancements to the game.[11] It was claimed in Nintendo Power that the new translation has changed the names of many of the main characters, weapons and towns to be closer to, or include their original Japanese names, while adding several new localizations,[11] yet an analysis of the location and character names indicates the original localization of Dragon Warrior IV was closer to the original Japanese.[28] This version also uses the new spell naming convention first used in Dragon Quest VIII, such as the spell Beat from Dragon Warrior IV is now Whack.[11] The new translation includes 13 regional dialects for the various areas[29] , including Burland now being Scottish, and Zamoksva being Russian.[11]However, the western translations have been slightly changed in places where the Japanese version included sexual components, and the Japanese version's party talk feature was completely excised from the western versions[citation needed]. This version also includes the Prologue and Bonus (Chapter 6) Chapters and Immigrant town (with some alterations) from the PlayStation version.[11] This version allows players to take manual control of all of their party members in Chapter 5 and Chapter 6.[11]
As of August 8, 2008, the game has sold 1.15 million units in Japan.[30] Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen was a nominee for Best RPG on the Nintendo DS in IGN's 2008 video game awards.[31] The game has sold 1,440,251 copies worldwide as of February 9, 2009.[32]"

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