Dragon Quest VII for Nintendo 3DS @ TheGameCollection/eBay - £14.99

Dragon Quest VII for Nintendo 3DS @ TheGameCollection/eBay - £14.99

£14.99eBay Deals
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You have always dreamed of being a

fisherman just like your father was. One day you discover that the world

once held much more than the single peaceful island you called home.

Solve the mysteries of these continents so they will exist in your

present. Uncover the puzzle shards to travel back in time and discover

lost continents. If you can finish these tasks, the world you live in will be complete.
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If you add another £5.01 you can get 20% off.
One of my favourite JRPGS of all time, spectacular game
Heat OP - Finished up DQXI a few weeks back which was my first DQ game. Been looking for the 3DS games at a decent price but they are usually crazy money. Need to pick up VIII for decent price now and I'll be happy. Was sickened I missed out on it when Argos were flogging 3DS games a few months back but I managed to get Bravely Second Collectors edition for 6 euro that time so cant complain
It's the Australian version that The Game Collection sell (I bought it from them a while back and the box art you are showing is also the Australian one). This won't be a problem though as Australian games work with UK consoles.
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