Dragonball Origins (Nintendo DS) - £9.91 delivered @ Asda

Dragonball Origins (Nintendo DS) - £9.91 delivered @ Asda

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Found 8th Aug 2009
- Back to the Origins of Dragon Ball: Live all of Goku's adventures faithful to the early Dragon Ball anime;
- Innovative Touch Screen Feature: the innovative controls mean the player uses only the touch pad to control Goku;
- Fun and Lighthearted: the lively, fun humour of Dragon Ball is present throughout the game, so fans will be able to immerse themselves completely in the spectacular Dragon Ball universe;
- Unique 3D Feature: Dragon Ball: Origins pulls no punches in terms of graphics with both screens displaying vibrant 3D visuals;
- Martial Arts Tournament: Gamers will have an opportunity to play through the Martial Arts World Tournament;
- More Characters: Characters that appear include Master Roshi, Yamcha, Ox King, Oolong, Puar, Chi Chi and many more;
- Wireless connection: swap and trade in-game action figures with friends via the wireless connection.

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