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Dragonpass Airport Lounge - Single Use Visit £15.50
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Dragonpass Airport Lounge - Single Use Visit £15.50

Posted 8th Oct 2016
The telegraph have an offer with Dragonpass for a single use lounge visit.

Not for everyone, but came in useful for me when I had a 5 hour layover.

Just add code TELEDP16 at the checkout stage then you will get your pass a few minutes after.
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If you were a savvy traveler who knew when you were flying and kept up with the deals, you could probably do better than this from time to time with deals.

I am not though - this is a fantastic price - I am coming through Istanbul in a while and in the public bar a single large beer is about a tenner (pounds, not lira). 2 Beers and I'm saving money, wifi and snacks included. I've been to this lounge a few times before (when I was business class - not this time!) and I think they were charging £30 ish on the door.
Thanks so much for this! Really helped me out.
Do you have to subcribe to the telegraph?
goodness no is this still valid though?

goodness no is this still valid though?

I've literally just bought 4 "E-certs" £18 each...

I've literally just bought 4 "E-certs" £18 each...

did you need an offer code?

did you need an offer code?

Hi Just used above code TELEDP16
Brilliant! just saved £32.00 with this link, THANK YOU!!
Still working, brilliant - just bought 2 passes
Just used it today too!
How about loungekey? I heard they do £15 per airport lounge entry. or

alternatively if one has HSBC Premier World Elite Card there seems to be unlimited airport lounge access + Access to over 1 million Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide with Boingo BUT cost £195 per year.

alternatively if one has Santander World Elite Mastercard there seems to be unlimited airport lounge access + Access to over 1 million Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide with Boingo BUT cost £15 pcm (£180 per year).

Anyone has any better suggestions for airport lounge access?
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I think it depends on your situation and which airports you visit...

Many lounges are members of multiple schemes - You could turn up with a Dragonpass voucher which cost you £18 and the next person a Loungekey which only cost them £15.

It's worth a bit of research too - I initially bought this voucher for a trip back from Dalaman (Turkey) which is a hideously expensive airport - However I got there and found that the lounge didn't serve alcohol - I considered that a waste of money so saved it for my next trip. An older friend who travels through that airport often (who doesn't really drink), purchases these regularly because its less than the price of a couple of cups of coffee and some snacks and because of the lack of alcohol it is a beautifully quiet space.

I don't know about the Santander scheme, but HSBC has their own lounge network (sounds more impressive than it is - they just have agreements with lots of lounges). I don't meet the income requirement sadly, but I have been into a few of the lounges via other schemes and they are hit and miss.

You dont mention Amex - the Preferred rewards Gold gets you two free lounge passes via Loungeclub. I can refer you if you want and you would get 2000 points extra (I would get more as the one who refers you - 8000 as I recall - people don't tend to tell you that detail ). It's free for the first year, but has a £180 fee from year 2 onwards. That said, if you are interested in airline points cards I would advise looking at the excellent HeadforPoints website where they go into detail but in a really accessible way.
Does this definately work ?
iluvtaylor171 h, 45 m ago

Does this definately work ?

It doesn't let you into any lounge - only lounges who have an agreement with Dragon pass. Don't think that you are going to walk into BA Galleries First at Heathrow - it will be like an Aspire or a No1. You could just walk up and pay to go in, but this tends to be a better price. Generally speaking expect free regular booze (premium spirits / champagne excluded) and snacks but not a proper meal.

If like me you enjoy a few beers and some snacks but not a full meal - with airport prices this can be a decent deal - do your research though - not every lounge has booze included and those snacks might literally be a bag of crisps...
Ok thanks....ive looked on the Dragonpass link & it does say it covers East Midlands, but yh im not fussed about big meals either, ive always wondered about these, but dont want to get caught out on the day if it doesnt work
AFIK these are valid for a year - and can be used at other airports than the one you specify (I bought for Dalaman but that lounge is alcohol free - a large beer in the airport bat is nearly a tenner!), Saved it and used it months later.
Only thing to be aware of is that if the Lounge is over full they can ration entry to people who have got their pass from the airline. I've never experienced this but apparently at airports where the same lounge is used by multiple airlines and paying guests it's not entirely uncommon...
Has anyone brought a lounge pass and been refused entry as want to buy two of these for Heathrow Terminal 3 but don’t want to get there and be told they’re full
Code still working.
No longer working! :-(
Worked for me
It is working. The original code was posted in 2016.....replace the 16 with 18 or 19 to bring the code up to date...
Not working now
I just tried it and it is not working Does anyone perhaps know of a new, working, code? (Posting it adds to your good karma you know! )
Just worked for me this morning. Lounge passes £20 each
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