Dragons Towerbridge Playset  - just £6.24 @ Argos! (was £25!)

Dragons Towerbridge Playset - just £6.24 @ Argos! (was £25!)

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Found 2nd Apr 2008
This Dragons Towerbridge Playset is now just £6.24 @ Argos! It looks a really good set for the price!

# This 60cm tall playset pits the ancient golden AURIOS and silver ARGENTIX armies against one another in the ultimate battle for the Plasma Dragons Lair.
# Two towers connected by a raising drawbridge sets the stage for the final attack.
# The Plasma Dragons Lair is a 'hatchery' a place where each army forces the Plasma
Dragons to hatch, each creature bolstering the ranks on the battlefield.
# This massive construction playset is the centerpiece to the Dragons line.
# Chromed building parts, catapult, two ziplines, and battle accessories round out the set.
# For ages 6 years and over.

# Included are three buildable and interchangable plasma Dragons that crawl from their membranes, 5 Aurios and Argentix battle figures clash on the multi-level play environment.

# Includes two collectible Dragon Plasma Krystals and the entire set works with the micro-based construction system.


Resreved one thanks, Heat + Rep added

Another good one - cheers

Got one - Thanks!

Mr Doovde;1819539

Resreved one thanks, Heat + Rep added


Went to pick up two (one for our lad & one for his mate's birthday in 3 weeks)...made the mistake of thinking these boxes would be compact...not if you've got to carry two a mile they're not!

Top deal though.

got 2 - thx, yep boxes are big no way will I be taking them on my bike home tonight
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