Drakes Fortune (PS3) - £18.99 @ CD Wow
Go through link for this price. Next cheapest seems to be £34.93 @ Currys. Also 4% cashback through quidco.


Great price for an excellent game :thumbsup:

Hot deal as long as you make sure you don't use this link !!


Even before quidco this deal beats the GameCollection one last Fri. Wished I'd waited now, oh well :thumbsup:

Excellent been waiting for this to drop below the magic £20 mark!


Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!

will this be the pal version?


Hot deal as long as you make sure you don't use this link … Hot deal as long as you make sure you don't use this link !!http://www.cdwow.com/UNCHARTED-DRAKES-FORTUNE/product/view/3072544


PS3 and 360 are certainly getting some great game bargains at the moment.

just added it to basket and it said universe at war pccdrom, had to remove it and find another add to basket link also dont know about a site of this size using third party payment processing which is not that secure just a couple things put me off still vote hot tho.


£68 pounds ?

voted cold

Original Poster

This is Not expired!

It took me 3 attempts to pay through the third party payment people but it went through in the end. Hope i get it ok:thinking::whistling:

Still voted hot though:thumbsup:

Ps just got the confirmation email of payment. Paynova in HONG KONG!!! Hope the game isn't coming from there


£68 pounds ?voted cold

Now go back and read the words next to that particular link (which is completely different from the link in the OP).



Voted hot, will be ordering this as rented it out the other week and enjoyed it and graphics and gameplay are both great

AoS HJ;2279564

. Paynova in HONG KONG!!! Hope the game isn't coming from there

CD WOW is based in Hong Kong so the game will come from their

Does anyone know if it is UK PAL Version???


Does anyone know if it is UK PAL Version???

going by the picture it should be the PAL version as it has the ELSPA 16+ marking on the front

Does anyone know of any discount vouchers as the link used currently gives you £1 off as if you go through the CD WOW site it shows as £19.99

Buy it. Now.

Excellent game.:thumbsup:

bought it, completed it - nothing elese to do so traded it in against vegas 2. big mistake. wish i kept it

Amazing price for an amazing game!!!

Superb price for a A1 game, got it in a bundle with my PS3, now completed it, really great game-voted HOT!

Aweeesome game try the demo n you will like when peepos who have ordered this get it can they post so we know the third party system is working n not a bumpy road thanks

Great offer

Amazing, very good game, but however quite short (not as short as some). I bought mine second hand from gamestation for £27 a couple of months back, completed it in about 3days then returned it for a full refund

Great game, has been my favourite PS3 game so far (although I have just started COD4 so this might change) Heat added

Good price, good game

I can't seem to find this at this price on cd-wow, only the one for £68.99. I tried the link a few posts back but it just sends me to the front page.

Looks like it was a missprice. I've just had my order for it cancelled :-(


Stormin Norm

Thank you for placing your order with us here at CD WOW!

We are writing to you regarding your order for (Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Playstation 3 and Product Code - 2531518)

Unfortunately despite our very best efforts we are unable to get further stock of this item from our supplier.

This item has now been cancelled and a refund has been processed back to the account from where the original payment was debited.

Glad I didnt bother ordering if they were cancelling all the orders, I noticed CEX were selling it second hand for £20 so may just get it from their but in no rush as still got 5 ps3 games I have not played on plus getting MGS4 tomorrow

Now I'm confused...


Thanks for placing your order with CD WOW!

It has come to our notice that our automated system generated an incorrect e-mail which was sent out to a few customers yesterday. The e-mail stated that Playstation 3 - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was cancelled and refunded.

However, I would like to inform you that this item has already been picked and packed and is currently awaiting collection by the Post Office.

It should be collected and dispatched within the next 24 hours.

We are sorry for any confusion caused by the incorrect e-mail and apprecaite your patience.

Here's hoping !! :thumbsup:


Stormin Norm
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