Draper 09548 19-Piece Screwdriver Set £13.09 @ Amazon

Draper 09548 19-Piece Screwdriver Set £13.09 @ Amazon

Found 26th May 2011
See this set come up a while back but was out of Stock, its now available and at a great price.

If your like me and after a set of screwdrivers for the house at a great price, then I think these are well priced offering a great selection.


I wouldn't buy Draper as I like my tools to last. But if you're an occasional and light user, these may be adequate though I can't imagine why, in those circumstances (or pretty much any circumstance), you'd need 19 screwdrivers. This feels more like quantity than quality.

Depends on what type of Draper you buy , the Expert stuff is very good

Draper 48 piece screwdriver set ony £6 at ASDA.
Selling the last few off it seems, was £10 last week.
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