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Draper 35481 Single Bick Anvil 4.5 kg , Blue - £31.95 @ Amazon

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About this deal

  • Single bick cast iron anvil, bolt down pattern. Grey cast iron
  • Oblong working surface 120 x 65mm
  • Draper guaranteed product
  • Model number: 35481
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    So, the work surface is 5" long by 2.5" wide. Hmmm (edited)
    For those who have difficulty visualising this:

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    Is this useful if you know of an annoying roadrunner :/
    Awesome. Thanks.
    Now I just need to strap a couple of rockets to a pair of roller skates and I might have an in-genius plan. (edited)
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    Cold - not an Acme!
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    Thanks OP.  Wow!  Never ceases to amaze me the diversity of deals on here! 

    Seeing as a "normal " anvil comes in about 30 to 50 kg,  it is very difficult to imagine the size of this one? I presume it is very small? 
    Oblong working surface: 120mm x 65mm
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    Guessing this will go over most people's heads ... How great were Jim and Bret
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    Merry Xmas Nan
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    Tempted to order a bunch to see how the Amazon driver copes.....
    It’s not exactly heavy it just won’t be in its box by the time it gets to you probably in a crate or clear bag, a bunch of 15kg / 20kg bags of dog food will be more annoying as it fills up the van (edited)
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    I'm getting one of these, as I need to make some new shoes for my little pony.
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    I want to see them stick that in a cardboard box.
    Or stuck in the letter box?
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    banging deal
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    Matt Hancock... just thinking what part of the anatomy would benifit most...

    Matt Han cock... just thinking what part of the anatomy would benifit most... (edited)
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    Just use the back of a 4 in vice, it's about the same size. 
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    That's secret Santa sorted.
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    I just know that Amazon would 100% package this in the same box as my subscribe and save Scampi Fries without any other packaging
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    Oh good, that's the reindeers shoes sorted for Christmas

    Ho ho ho
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    Best thing for hooligans
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    It's 4.5kg!!! OK for jewellery I suppose, but you'd struggle to build a suspension bridge with it...

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    To small can't be used to make a long sword
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    Might be ok for dropping on Tweety Pies head? (edited)
    Surely you of all people would be better doing Subscribe and Save.
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    poor quality, its not acme
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    Ac... me and An Vil used to be a couple (edited)
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    Great for recording Beatles' songs.
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    Anvil shaped object.
    Obtain a small section of old railway track if genuinely needing a separate small anvil.
    This will grievously disappoint.
    I think that's what someones done on GWR between Reading and London, the number of cancellations I've faced.
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    Always useful
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    Meep meep!
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    Need another as missed Wiley Coyote with my last one from a good way up...