Draper 45547 3.5Hp 460mm Petrol Mower £117.41delivered @ draper toolbox

Draper 45547 3.5Hp 460mm Petrol Mower £117.41delivered @ draper toolbox

Found 27th Mar 2011
Draper 45547 3.5Hp 460mm Petrol Mower .This is a quality mower at a amazing price,less than half price.check google.


I take your point about the price cut, but could it be because selling petrol mowers has become very difficult? Energy prices, especially for electricity, are on the rise generally but petrol is on everyone's mind at present for obvious reasons. A classic "buy now" scenario, no doubt. I once had a petrol mower but the problems of holding fresh petrol stock throughout the season and getting the dang thing going at the start of the next one converted me to the convenience of electric mowers. For those not so persuaded this is worth thinking about. For that reason voted hot.

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I think petrol mowers will always be popular as trailing wires around the garden is a no no.This mower seems a good quality product at a ridiculous price when you look at other stores including amazon.I would personally buy it but i was looking for a power driven machine.might still buy it.Not much dearer than the cheep mowers at argos and tesco direct.

I purchased my petrol mower from Lidl about 6/7 years ago and never had a problem with it and 5l of petrol lasts for most of if not all the summer. I for one would not want to go back to electric so hot from me!

Shame it’s not self propelled. I'd imagine this is much heaver and thus will require additional pushing power...

I'm looking into buying the tesco 1400W electric mower which will be an upgrade to my qualcast 900w cobra which struggles mowing our lawn. I find the electric cable and extension cables annoying though!
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