Draper 73186 Bicycle Tool Kit £4.51 delivered from Amazon.

Draper 73186 Bicycle Tool Kit £4.51 delivered from Amazon.

Found 22nd Jul 2010
Technical Details

* Handy 17 function multitool
* Pump
* Puncture repair kit
* Tyre leavers
* Storage pouch


Ordered for my new bike.Cheers

Ordered one for my bike, heat added!!

Ordered, thanks!

Cheers for this, just ordered one.

gotta be worth it for less than a fiver

Got this type of pump...it's soooooooooo useless, just bin it and use the rest.

Looks like they have put it up to £11.20 and I just missed this one

This stuff looks similar to the stuff you can pick up in £land/99p store. But the multitool looks very useful, and the bag makes it a winner too, good find

nice find.thanks.

@ blister69 click the 17 new linky, 3 - 4 week wait at the mo

Oh yeah, sorry I missed that one.


Tried to order:
We're sorry. The quantity that you requested is no longer available. The number to the right is the maximum quantity currently available


Ah well, gratz to anyone who got one!

Got one of these - Takes about 100 pumps to get a mountain bike tyre up - I would forget a road bike !
Rest of the kit is good value though.

I have one of these and wasn't too impressed with it. The multi tool and pump broke after a few months and I found the bag a little annoying attached to the bike.
Still for this price I would suggest it if you need something just in case.

Just arrived. Its not worth the rrp but for £4.51 it will do.
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