Draught Guinness - 20 X 440ml Cans And 2 Glasses for £17 at Tesco

Draught Guinness - 20 X 440ml Cans And 2 Glasses for £17 at Tesco

Found 13th Feb 2014
Packs of 10 X 440ml Cans of Draught Guinness with a Free Glass are included in the current 2 for £17 deal at Tesco.

So, as per title, you get 20 cans and 2 glasses for £17.

This deal is in my local store and is also online, so should be national South of the border.
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This is a good deal, I like all the Guinness deals where the cost per can is less than £1.

Just a word about the glass that comes free with the 10 pack though.
It's exactly 440ml glass, same size as the can, and it's impossible to pour the entire can into the glass in one go after opening (which you do need to do because it's a widget can). You need a lot of patience or be prepared to spill it. I suppose it's a bit like draft but this is not a bar tap, it's a can.

It would have been much better if it was a pint glass that could take the entire can with room to spare. I always end up ignoring the Guinness glass and using a pint glass.

The free glass is good for other stuff though.
Ordered will see if I get
Glasses x
Not as good as the 20 cans for £17 but you can also buy the 10 * 440ml cans pack with free glass at Morrisons for £9.
Great deal with 10 x 440ml Cans, but called into Tesco in Derry (NI), and they had this deal only with 8 Cans in a Carton, so took 1 No. with 8 x 440ml Cans & 12 x 440ml Cans of Carlsberg, with a Free Guinness Glass.
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