Drayton TRV4 White & Chrome TRV 15mm Angled & L/S £14.99 Screwfix one day sale!

Drayton TRV4 White & Chrome TRV 15mm Angled & L/S £14.99 Screwfix one day sale!

Found 14th Oct 2015
The deal is back! If you know TRV, this is one of the BEST you can get!

Bought 4 of this 2 weeks ago from Screwfix @ £21.99 and just realised is on sale today! So going to refund the order and made new order!

Offers frost protection. Positive shut-off. EN 215. Lockshield BS 2767-10.
Liquid Sensor
Bi-Directional Valve Body
Lockshield Option
Range Limit Feature
Energy Saving Trust Recommended
½ Turn Operation
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Temperature range: 10-27°C.£14.99 INC.
Was £21.99 Save £7.00 (31%)
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Excellent value - def the right TRV to buy.
It maybe good but for some reason, I have to keep buying a new one every 18mths or so as the white outer plastic case keeps on cracking and eventually falls off. Only happens to the one in the bathroom on the towel rail, its mounted sideways.

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Annoyingly it's only angled ones. Straight ones are £19.99. That's frustrating!
Great. After a couple of these and was about to pay a lot more, 4 and free delivery. made up with that just in time for the winter months. Thanks.

Excellent value - def the right TRV to buy.

​Not this particular one, get the ones with the drain valve makes draining one radiator 100 times easier. These TRVs are excellent if you don't take radiators off to decorate though!
Personally I wouldn't buy Drayton trvs again, when we got new radiators throughout the house I organised them and they get stuck a lot. Think I'll have to replace them at some point even though they've only been in a year.
These type lockshields I meant

now £10.99 http://www.screwfix.com/p/product/53581

This is RT212, not TR4, quite a bit of different...
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