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Drayton Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostat - £34.81 (With Code) @ Toolstation

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Building on the iconic design of the Drayton TRVs. The Wiser Radiator Thermostat maintains the simplistic style and builds on years of success as a leading TRV manufacturer with a host of additional features. Radiator thermostats enable your Wiser system to enter a whole new level of smart. With a connection to the boiler, via the Heat HubR, they allow you to control the on/off times and temperatures of individual rooms using the intuitive app.
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    I have these on every radiator in the house and have done so since they came out about 4 years ago. Overall they're pretty good however I've had about 4 out of 12 go faulty over the years.

    To Drayton's credit they have replaced them outside of warranty with little fuss.

    To answer others you need there hub to allow them to demand heat from the boiler.

    Don't expect them to save you lots on your heating bill but they will save a bit and make the house more pleasant.

    They work best in houses where you have individual rooms that are used at different times of day. For instance we don't use our bedrooms in the daytime so they switch low for this period and my office is in use each day so this is high during the dfay and off of an evening and night time.

    If your house is open plan the benefit isn't so great as they'll be fighting against each other.

    The only real issue I've had is sometimes one or two of them will stop closing a valve completely even though it knows there is no demand for heat and it shouldn't.

    Assigning the valve to another room and back again or removing and re adding it solves this but I nor tech support have ever managed to stop it from happening.

    The only pattern is the ones it happens too are the ones that are furthest from the boiler hub. They do make repeaters but I've not tried them.

    Finally for batteries they ideally need 1.5V Alkaline AA batteries which last 6 to 12 months depending on usage.

    I've mostly been using Eneloop rechargeables and they do work however as the voltage is lower they will report low battery pretty much the whole time but they do generally work for about 4 - 6 months. You need to recharge them when they are flat and not leave them in the device as I've had a couple of the batteries go dud over the years which I think is due to me not changing them.

    Overall they're good but they are not completely fit and forget.
    Same problem here about the TRV not closing the valve fully and a radiator still 'on' when it shouldn't be. I figured it was also due to being furthest from the hub.

    Thanks for the tip on assigning the TRV to a different room. Will give it a go next time
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    48180745-rQ45e.jpgso, HDUK think it's ok to take a known leaked member only code to no doubt help them make profit from clicks. The attitude is disgusting along with the moderators who allow this.
    I did edit the deal to remove the code - now its showing again. I don't post deals normally, so don't know, but is it normal that I can't edit the deal again after a certain amount of time? Also has an admin come to put the code back on, or am I being paranoid? (edited)
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    Seem a good price but let me say something about these. They will never save you money compared to a standard trv, 1st of all there is a cost difference of £20 compared to a standard trv, 2nd they require batteries & those batteries in themselves need replacing @ a cost. You require the hub in order to use them. So how on earth does this benefit anyone you wont ever save money you will be adding to the carbon footprint producing them/replacing the batteries etc etc. run your heating using a standard trv.
    So running your heating with standard TRVs set and heating up the whole home is more efficient than isolating zones and giving your boiler less work?

    These are efficient for those who don't need their whole home heated when the boiler comes on. If you're not using the bedrooms during the day, the TRVs will completely shut off the upstairs valves for you, allowing downstairs to heat up faster. Heat up the dining room just for dinner and allow the TRVs to adjust so that heat is pushed to the sitting room afterwards. Set your scheduling around your routine and these will not only save you money, but improve the comfort at home.

    Plumbers praise these smart heating systems as they really do save energy and reduce the load on your boiler.
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    Are these compatible with tado?
    No, It's for the Drayton Wiser system.
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    These sound more of a headache than the non-smart ones. Especially if they go faulty
    Had mine 5 years, including one house move. No issues with them at all. Very simple to set up.
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    What the point?
    Do you really want to have to mess about with these when you can just twist and leave a standard one?
    is it really worth it as you won’t just need one for a whole house, simple trv can be had for a tenner or so these days and do the job perfectly.
    It allows you to set a schedule for each room. So one bedroom can be warm as you get up, then off until evening. A spare room can be left at 10degrees, until required and then 'Alexa turn the heating in room to 20 '. If you go away for a few days, you can remotely turn all the radiators down.

    Yes you could go round each TRV and manually adjust, but you need to be there, and you may forget to turn them back down, and waste energy.

    The cost is considerable. For full control you'll want one on each radiator, and the hub. You probably will never recover the cost in savings, but it is certainly convenient. It integrates well with Home Assistant.
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    Shocking that this deal is being allowed to remain with the BLC code being used.
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    Out of stock everywhere, so the code debate is pretty academic
    Code is not limited to just this single product
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    Blue light card discount cards are not allowed to be shared?
    Took the code from another deal where they'd said admins had said the code was fine, but it seems this is actually a BLC code after all. I've removed the code now. (edited)
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    Hard to fit ?
    Nope take off the old trv and just replace, will need the hub to go along with it though I think
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    Nice price. The 3 pack bought direct from Drayton was £114 (£38 each) last week but that’s back at £131 now.
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    Looks like these are OOS now, and not showing for collection either at my local branches (probably all "collect next day" so come from the warehouse anyway).
    Delivery comes from supplier or manufacturer?

    Collect comes from Toolsation?
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    How are they powered?
    Is it battery?
    2 AA batteries, I believe. Think they're included but need changing yearly, from what I've read. I'll probably look to use rechargeables longer term.
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    I'd argue the cost of these, you'd be lucky to make a return on them with any possible savings over the years, before they broke and needed replacing.
    It's like buying a new efficient car, vs running an old banger, the banger lasts longer due to being more inefficient /- robust. The newer car although more efficient, will die after 5 years/100k miles and need replacing, this will always trump the offset, and any green benefits, due to the amount of pollution and energy a new car takes to make. (that last bit went off on a tangent, but still).

    Edit: throw in the battery changes every 6-12 months and they probably cost more than just standard trvs used correctly. (edited)
    Fair point that there won't likely be a saving, but it's a much lower cost compared to a new car and people still buy new cars for the sake of comfort and convenience (warranty, etc.).

    Not sure I agree with the 5 year lifespan of a new car either! Surely if the old banger is a viable option you wouldn't need to replace the new car every 5 years, if you even bought one in the first place. (edited)
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    better buy other stuff too before code is pulled.
    Too late (edited)
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    How do these compare to Tado?
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    TRV = "Thermostatic" Radiator Valve, thermostatic ? basically a fancy looking screw down valve or tap
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    This is out of stock and the discount code no longer works. I marked as expired and someone enabled it again. I can no longer now mark as expired but it should be.
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    I’m looking at putting smart TRV’s in at the moment, but worried about the range on the tado system. Anyone installed these in a 2000+sqft house with solid walls? I’m worried only the kitchen rad would connect and the rest would be useless…. Doesn’t look like tado do range extenders or room stats that talk back to the bridge.