Dream Theater - Live Scenes From New York (3CD Box Set) £3.99 + Free Delivery @ Play
Dream Theater - Live Scenes From New York (3CD Box Set) £3.99 + Free Delivery @ Play

Dream Theater - Live Scenes From New York (3CD Box Set) £3.99 + Free Delivery @ Play

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'Live Scenes From New York' highlights Dream Theater's legendary live performances. The set comprises of a complete live version of the album, 'Scenes From A Memory' and a selection of tracks from Dream Theater's various studio recordings. Also included is unreleased video footage of the song Another Day.

Disc 1
2.Overture 1928
3.Strange Deja Vu
4.Through My Words
5.Fatal Tragedy
6.Beyond This Life
7.John & Theresea Solo Spot
8.Through Her Eyes
10.The Dance Of Eternity

Disc 2
1.One Last Time
2.The Spirit Carries On
3.Finally Free
4.Metropolis Pt.1
5.The Mirror
6.Just Let Me Breathe
7.Acid Rain
8.Caught In A New Millennium
9.Another Day
10.Jordan Rudess Keyboard Solo

Disc 3
1.A Mind Beside Itself
2.II. Voices
3.III. The Silent Man
4.Learning To Live
5.A Change Of Seasons


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Review from Play
This massive concert is done so well it sounds as good as a studio recording most of the time, and has all the benefits of live, certainly brilliant.

The whole SFAM album is played along with numerous other tracks.

The set opens with the entirety of SFAM produced with actors playing the roles of the characters. Each song is better than on the album, and I really mean that, and that's quite an acheivement. Especially amazing are Beyond this Life, which never impressed me overtly on the album, and Home, which is somehow a hundred times better, despite the album track being awesome. The added solo spot with John and Theresa is also awesome.

After this the band created an awesome medely of some of their most awesome heavy songs. The band play through Metropolis pt.1, The Mirror (including the ending section of Lie, where The Mirror theme is reprised, and including the Puppies on Acid opening section,) Just let me Breathe (excluding the Puppies on Acid opening section and slightly shortened within,) Acid Rain (A Liquid Tension Experiment song,) Caught in a New Millennium (an awesome combo of Caught in a Web and New Millennium.) This medely carries awesome energy and rocks the middle of the concert. Then a trip is taken back to DTs first single, Another Day, which is amazing, one of the best songs ever written, but somehow has never been carried off live, perhaps because it relies very heavily on a very well mixed sound, however, here it works really quite well, despite the reduced vocal range of a singer aged 9 years older since the song was first produced. I know some people would be appalled at this song, as it really doesn't hold a candle to the original Another Day itself, but if you put that aside it really sounds quite good. This then runs into an amazing keys solo from Rudess, though I think a little over the top, I preferred Derek Sherinian's solo from their previous live album, Once in a LIVEtime.

Then the band proceeds to play the full gamut of three major compositions that are very rarely played all together as one performance. First comes A Mind Beside Itself, from Awake, played in full rather than as 3 pieces (Erotomania, Voices, The Silent Man) with 2 extra little instrumentals. Then comes the definitive DT song, Learning to Live. Little snippets of this song are often played as song joiners, most notably a small section of it joins Metropolis or Peruvian Skies (depending on the version of the concert you watch (dodgyness methinks)) to Change of Seasons VII in Once in a LIVEtime Encore (like it was a spontaneous encore, yeah right, but hey) but here the whole song is here, complete with some extra little goodies, such as a reggae section. Finally, THE ENTIRE CHANGE OF SEASONS is performed, only time ever, all seven parts all the way through, and it all sounds mint, some of it better than the studio release, apart from the annoying switch from organ to strings in Another World, part 5, I liked the organ much much better, oh well, you can't win them all.

Overall this is just so immense it boggles the mind. SDOIT is still better though I reckon.


that is amazing price! shame i already got it but rep & heat added for magic price spotting.
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