Dream Town Rose petal Cottage + Lounge Set + kitchen set for £60.97 at Argos

Dream Town Rose petal Cottage + Lounge Set + kitchen set for £60.97 at Argos

Found 17th Jan 2010
Argos have an offer of £22 off when you buy the cottage, lounge set and kitchen together, but they have reduced the cottage to half price and have money off both other sets and the £22 off still works. The cottage alone is normally £69.99 in Argos., and all sets together at full price would be ~£130
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thanks alot for posting it.I was looking for some thibg for my little one,and it is well worth it.Dont know why are people marking it cold.At times people feel left out and they dont want to play the game.hot from my side
[FONT="Georgia"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]No idea why this is getting cold, it's a good price for a usually expensive playhouse! Hot from me! :-D[/COLOR][/FONT]
Hot for me .. bought this package for my daughter's 3rd birthday and she loves it
I also voted hot, I bought the cottage and the lounge and kitchen sets before christmas and it cost me just over £100. My daughter loves it, she plays with it for hours
None in stock near me :-(
I think a lot of people on here vote cold for things they are not interested in rather than whether its a good price for the product. I doubt you can get this package anywhere cheaper than this at the moment and I hope by posting I can help someone who wants to buy it.
reserved this for daughter, she will be pleased on present day:-D
hot from me...but it doesnt actually work out as 22 quid off does it? still good price tho!
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