Dream-X (Mind map game) - RRP 4.99 Free for iPad
Dream-X (Mind map game) - RRP 4.99 Free for iPad

Dream-X (Mind map game) - RRP 4.99 Free for iPad

Dream X – mind mapping, concept mapping software.

Create and handle simple and complex mind maps in the elegant way.

Do you want to jot down a few ideas during a brainstorm? Are you going to plan a vacation? Have you got a massive idea which needs a really detailed plan? You can work on a project of any size if you are using Dream X. This app has everything you could possibly need for an effective mind map.

It’s easy to make your mind maps vivid:
▹ color code different branches and individual ideas;
▹ add any images, labels and text to your ideas;
▹ assign various icons to the ideas;
▹ choose the app color scheme which works best for you.

You can get things done with Dream X:
▹ set start and due dates to individual tasks and branches;
▹ indicate current progress of an idea or the whole branch.

Dream X has a smooth learning curve:
▹ the interface is simple and intuitive;
▹ video tutorials will assist you with getting a grasp of Dream X controls;
▹ a few samples will help mind map beginners design the first mind maps.

Export mind maps if you need to share them:
▹ save a picture with the mind map to Camera Roll;
▹ send your mind map to email.

Requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPad.



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