Dreamgirls - More free tickets
Dreamgirls - More free tickets

Dreamgirls - More free tickets

Dreamgirls is released in the UK and Ireland on 2 February 2007 (Cert. 12A) but you don't have to wait until then to watch it! Courtesy of Film 2007 and Paramount Pictures you can watch Dreamgirls on the 31st January.

We've got screenings in:London (Marble Arch, Odeon), Edinburgh (Odeon), Greenwich (Odeon), Huddersfield (Odeon), Norwic (Odeon)h, Port Solent (Odeon), Swansea (Odeon), West Thurrock (Odeon), Sheffield (Odeon), Birmingham (Odeon), Southampton (Odeon), Wimbledon (Odeon), Newcastle Gateshead (Odeon), Glasgow (Odeon), Coventry (Showcase). Cardiff (Showcase), Liverpool (Showcase), Reading (Showcase), Manchester (Showcase) and Belfast (Movie House).

To apply just fill in the form below and if you're successful you'll receive two tickets in the post.

Please ensure you select the correct cinema below, and note that filling in the form is not a guarantee of receiving tickets.


Thanks alot ive been wanting to take my girlfriend to this.
Voted hot

[SIZE=2]Sadly none near where I live! Thanks anyway Aquatic! Never seem to be able to get any anyway! [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Jitterbug, if you're getting the tickets for free, you better either keep it quiet, or buy some popcorn for your lady! [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Hope everyone gets a pair! I doubt that's possible, so get in quick![/SIZE]

Actually the good thing is she's kill me if i paid to go to the cinema to be honest so its all good haha.

Thanks for this, I missed the last showing. I just hope I'm successful!

yep thankyou! Always seem to keep missing out on seefilmfirst as not being quick enough so fingers crossed this time round for an open ballot, rather than first-come-first-served selection

Dam It!, none where I live ;-(

This is my first reply so not sure where the information will appear.

Hopefully I will be lucky!:thumbsup:

Cheers Aquatic! Great post! Voted HOT!!! and hopefully i will be able to take me girlfriend to the greenwich showing :thumbsup:

Cheers again

Order sum tickets...... they deliver to ur home right?

hmm odd, when I ordered tickets it came up with an add for another movie. We'll see if they come or not


i got 2 today for liverpool screening , thanks xxxxx

I got 2 today 4 lakeside thanx

champion - received 2 for Huddersfield today.... Thanks

I got 2 (today) for Norwich. Thank You :thumbsup:

I got two in the post today for Cardiff - cheers Aquatic. Another cheap night out with the missus

Got two for Reading one. THX

Thanks very much got 2 in the post today.

Thanks op, 2 for Reading came for me this morning :thumbsup:

Got 2 today for Port Solent,Thanx

I applied twice, once in my name and once in wifes - didn't think i would get any but i ended up with 4 tickets now!!

Thanks for the original poster!!

got 2 in the post 2day for coventry showcase thanks!!

Am I the only one who didn't get any tickets?

I hope you all have a brilliant time.


Am I the only one who didn't get any tickets? I hope you all have a … Am I the only one who didn't get any tickets? I hope you all have a brilliant time.

i didn't get any either oh well, no loss no gain.

I got the tickets..... didnt realize it was a musical though.......
arrghhhhh - chick flick......
I blame that Eddie Murphy.... I saw his name in it and thought it would be a comedy.... boy was I wrong.......

Great music, bad film and the random singing halfway through talking was annoying

Bingo... Think you summed it up well......

Took me ages to get to cinema - traffic bad....
Popcorn was soggy..... Coke tasted like water......

And to top it off - constant singing..... when they should be talking..... 2hrs 10 min also......arghh... i will take my watch off next time... clock watching... wife said how long to go - i said 1 and 1/2 hours.....

After all my moaning though - since it was a freebie - it got me out of house.... so it was great really... (put it this way - when next set of tickets pop up (freebies....) i will be ordering them - whatever the film....

:thumbsup: if u scroll further down passed the add it will come up that u have registered for tickets hope ur successfull


Thanks for this , sadly none in my area though. :-(

Really fancy seeing this film, knowing you can get in free as a preview makes you tight though doesn't it, so there is no way I will pay now??!! :whistling:

Thanks for posting anyway, good find! :thumbsup:

hmm this offer ended like 2 weeks ago??
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